Our cases

2007: Order of Insulated Containers from CRE

In 2007, Solee tailored an L1 model container applying unique splicing technology based on the characteristics of China Railway Express(CRE). The products were widely recognized once put into use, and CRE soon increase the order. Within only one year, Solee successfully provided CRE with more than 14000 containers.

2010: Urban Distribution Mode Based on Insulated Containers For DQ

To tackle the problems exist in the transport of DQ ice-cream by refrigerator vehicles, Solee initiated the urban distribution mode based on insulated containers, which effectively guarantee the quality of ice-creams, and designed reasonable routes to ensure fast arrivals of ice-creams.

2011: MSD Vaccine Distribution

In June 2011, Solee was commissioned by Keyuan, transporting two kinds of vaccine agented by Zhifei Biology, MSD measles-mumps-rubella combined vaccine and 23-Valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine, to 1380 counties and towns nationwide. Solee designed a unique independent dual-box insulated container for the transportation project, solving the difficulty of “multi-distribution sites in one province” with lower transportation cost.

2011: Assist in Tiantan’s vaccine aid for Xinjiang

In August 2011, Hotan Prefecture of Xinjiang was attacked by suspected imported wild poliomyelitis. After receiving the emergent vaccine allocation demand from the Ministry of Public Health, Solee opened a “green channel” for the vaccine transport: orders were prioritized and specially secured; Consignors were kept close in touch day and night to make sure 800 cases of vaccines were delivered smoothly and efficiently. With its highly qualified and efficient cold chain logistics services, Solee excellently finished the vaccine transportation job, widely winning commendations and recognition of the society.

2012: Vaccine Assistance Project

In 2012, Solee was commissioned by Shanghai Institution of Biological Products to transport vaccine to CDCs in Qamdo, Nyingchi, Lhasa and Ngari (counties or cities of Tibet). Through refrigerator vehicles, Solee delivered vaccine to Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, whose average altitude is over 4000 meters. After 14 days of transportation, Solee successfully accomplished the national duty of supporting Tibet.